1v1 LOL

1v1 LOL

A competitive third-person shooter game online is called 1v1 LOL. You construct your map-wide route plan here. Platforms, ramps, and walls may be constructed to assist defenses and give you an edge. You win the game thanks to the alluring 1v1 battle royale game style. Why are you holding out? Join LOL 1v1 now!


  • Several appealing private matches.
  • A store with plenty of lovely things.
  • Practice separating your building and targeting.
  • Make complex controls specific to your system.


Players in this game choose axes or other tools to knock down their opponents' walls. Most of the time, you'll be playing a battle royale, and your objective is to eliminate your rivals and be the last person standing. Players that use a mouse to move complete the challenge by moving with the mouse and according to the rules:

  • To fire or construct, use the LMB key. To walk, press the WASD key. To leap, press the Space bar. To switch to bowing, press the Z, X, C, V, or Y keys.
  • F 1 or 2 for changing weapons.
  • R to turn the stairs and reload.
  • G to construct the platform's door.

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