Burnout Crazy Drift

Burnout Crazy Drift

Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing is a captivating online motorbike racing game for everyone with a 3D global racing theme. The objective of the game is to test your boundaries and practice on three different difficulty levels while exploring the most intense parkour bike routes with the most breathtaking vistas. Why are you holding out? Join Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing right now to take advantage of these wonderful chances!


  • Vivid 3D graphics
  • Choices 1P and 2P
  • 10 distinctively constructed racetracks
  • Design of a funny character
  • Gorgeous wallpaper


By moving with the mouse and choosing the proper player mode, participants in the challenge can:

  • Player 1 may move with the arrow keys and accelerate with the spacebar.
  • For player 2, use the left key to accelerate and the arrow keys to move.

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