City Truck Driver

City Truck Driver

The online game City Truck Driver has a really appealing truck racing simulator concept. The aim of the game is to take your vehicles on an incredible simulated trip within a major metropolis. Transporting the objects should be done with prudence. You may pick it up at the area indicated by the arrow by following it. Make sure you cross the finish line before the clock runs out. Why are you holding out? Become a member of City Truck Driver now to take advantage of great possibilities!


  • 3D visuals and audio that sound lifelike.
  • Three distinct modes.
  • Logical controls.
  • Fun gameplay with simple, appealing game rules.


By moving and choosing the game mode using the mouse, participants in the challenge can:

  • Move using the W,A,S, D, or arrow keys; handbrake with SPACE; camera mode; switch; connect/detach trailer with T; single-player mode.
  • two players: Player 1: Use W,A, S, and D to move; SPACE to brake; and C to change the camera's mode. Player 2: Arrow keys to move, J to apply the handbrake, and B to change the camera mode.

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