Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween

Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween

Everyone should check out Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween, a fun and addicting adventure vehicle puzzle game. Do you want to establish a name for yourself as a monster truck cab driver at the Halloween fair? To win, you must amass a large sum of money before reaching the end of the game. Examine the situation to see whether you can safely reach your goal. Maintain full acceleration, and race to the end as quickly as you can. Just a little more than necessary on the accelerator might throw the vehicle off balance. Keeping the gas pressure up is essential for keeping everything steady. How prepared do you feel? A Halloween service for Crayz Monsters Taxi is now available.


  • Visuals are rendered in a dazzling array of 2D hues.
  • Dispute in which you may both participate.
  • You can't go through the tiers.
  • Comfortable navigation for the average user.

How to play

In order to take part, players need to press the WASD keys simultaneously with the arrow keys. On the other hand, customers may use the mobile touch to regulate the car's air pressure and disable the reverse gear. Get a kick out of life!

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