Crossy Bridge

Crossy Bridge

Everyone may enjoy the intriguing obstacle-driving theme of the online game Crossy Bridge. To go as far as you can in your automobile without losing is the goal of the game. As the highway portions begin to move directly before your eyes, what begins as an enjoyable journey becomes a gripping survival. Have you prepared? Sign up for Crossy Bridge now!

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  • Nice 3D block graphics.
  • 30 unique vehicle skins are available for usage.
  • Enjoyable game.
  • Simple controls.


Using the mouse, players take on the challenge in this game. To halt the line's moving components, tap the screen. Sometimes, tokens may emerge along your path, and you can gather them. These may be used to open the in-game store's 30 different automobiles. By selecting the automobile symbol from the main menu at the bottom of the screen, you may visit the shop. Good fortune!

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