Extreme Blur Race

Extreme Blur Race

Extreme Blur Race is a speed-themed online game that tests players on perilous highways. The game's objective is to complete the difficult race and prevail. You may play this game either by yourself or with a companion. Have you prepared? Join the Extreme Blur Race now to take advantage of these wonderful chances!

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  • Vivid 3D graphics.
  • Many vehicles to unlock and drive.
  • Several racetracks remain to be unlocked.
  • Both two-player variants and the solo mode.
  • Simple controls.


Players take part in the challenge by moving and following the directions using the mouse:

  • For Player 1, use the arrow keys to move around.
  • To play as Player 2, press WASD.

There will be a variety of cars and tracks available in each round, but some of them are locked at the beginning of the game. As you advance, they become available. Good fortune!

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