Fall Boys : Stupid Fighters

Fall Boys : Stupid Fighters

Fall Boys Stupid Fighters is a fun online game with a charming design, a selection of maps, and the possibility to play with others. The challenge for players is to try to stay alive while listening to different music tracks. Even though there are many kinds of clothes, almost all of them are better than the others. You may observe several sorts in each game, and the diversity is pretty wonderful. The game's soundtrack is vibrant and entertaining. These vibrant tunes will engross you, and you will enjoy them. The music and effects worked very well together. In readiness? Sign up for Fall Stupid Fighters now!


  • Dazzling 3D graphics.
  • Possibilities for both one and two players
  • 16 gamers are competing against you.
  • Gaining access to new skins in the game's store.

How to play

Players take part in the challenge by moving and left-clicking with the mouse, then finishing the task to move on to the final.

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