Flick Rugby

Flick Rugby

Online football game Flick Rugby has a really alluring competitive premise for all players. Rugby balls are kicked into the goal posts as part of a challenge among the players. Charge completely to gain access to the store's excellent rugby balls. Innovative situations and responsive design How many consecutive kicks can you perform? So that you don't miss out on any great possibilities, join Flick Rugby now!


  • Beautiful, user-friendly visual and graphic design.
  • Challenging circumstances.
  • When fully charged, interesting rugby balls may be found in the shop.
  • Rapid-fire sports theme.

How to play

By swiping, participants attempt to kick the rugby ball into the goal. Good fortune!

Many of the games in our World Cup collection are fun and exciting, like Penalty Champs 21. I wish you success and a lot of wonderful prizes!

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