Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite

A free side-scrolling game with a cube motif called Geometry Dash Lite pulses along with the beats of the music. To maintain the musical dynamics, the game's objective is to navigate an obstacle course. To move the car, use the up and down arrows, and click to leap as needed. I know, interesting. Sign up now for Geometry Dash Lite!


  • Amounts of difficulty that range from tough to almost impossible.
  • The game is easy to learn right away because of its simple controls.
  • A great song that compels you to go on to the next section.
  • Gaming that is synchronized to music is exciting.

How to play

In order to complete the task, players must use the move arrows and adhere to the following instructions: SPACE/UP ARROW = JUMP; HOLD SPACE/UP ARROW = MULTIPLE JUMPS; UP ARROW = DRIVE UP; DOWN ARROW = DRIVE DOWN. To avoid having to start again, don't touch the spikes!

Try Geometry Dash Subzero if you like playing Geometry Dash in your web browser for free. All the best!

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