Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout

Hello! Thank you for visiting Getaway Shootout! The goal of this crazy race-themed game is to reach the escape point on each map. To compete, players may race against the computer or grab a buddy. Try to navigate through challenging levels while collecting weapons and power-ups along the way. Jump left and right to survive, and use weapons and power-ups to get the upper hand on your rivals. Will you score the biggest victory? Sign up for the Getaway Shootout now!


  • Whether alone or with pals.
  • Numerous playable characters with distinct appearances are available to unlock.
  • The map doesn't have a good strategy to help players achieve different escape objectives.
  • Fascinating and enjoyable game.


How are characters unlocked in Getaway Shootout?

Players can use the money they earn in the game to unlock more characters, which is a simple tip.

How is the Getaway Shootout played?

In addition to traditional methods, you can learn physics by doing. Gaining power-ups will make it simpler.

Does Getaway Shootout have a smartphone version?

Naturally, you can play the Getaway Shootout on iOS or directly in your web browser.

How to play

Players must use the mouse to choose the proper game mode in order to take control of and win the round. Control the character in single-player mode with the mouse and keyboard. When in dual mode:

  • W for left leap, E for right leap, and R for power up
  • Click to hop left, O to leap right, and P to utilize a power up on Player 2.
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