Jewels Blitz 5

Jewels Blitz 5

For a captivating puzzle experience, go no farther than Jewels Blitz 5, a free online game that will have you hooked in no time. This is the fifth installment, and it delves further into the secrets of Central America's pre-Columbian civilizations. In this adventure, you will go to the Mayan ruins in search of answers to ancient riddles. Take part in the Weekly Challenges, the Daily Missions, and the hundreds of levels. Get some coin and some spell gear.The question is, "Why are you waiting?" Come play Jewels Blitz 5 with us!


  • Vivid visuals.
  • Fun Factor.
  • Exciting competition.
  • Controls that are easy to understand and use.

How to play

Players take part in the challenge by using the mouse to group at least three identical gems together and eliminate them. With their hidden abilities, they remove forest obstructions and magical seals. Work your way up the saga map to ever more challenging tiers. Best of luck!

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