LA Taxi Simulator

LA Taxi Simulator

La Taxi Simulator is an attractive driving game that requires skilled techniques. Players' task is to control the taxi to complete the task of picking up and dropping off passengers at different locations within two minutes. La Taxi Simulator has ten levels in total; you need to complete the previous level to unlock the next round.

Navigating and moving the car in La Taxi Simulator is also very special. You need to issue continuous control commands to keep the vehicle running smoothly. Besides, there will be obstacles along the way. They won't make you lose the collision, but they will take time to resolve. After two minutes, if players do not complete the task, you will lose.

Be a taxi driver

To participate in the La Taxi Simulator experience, you need to use the corresponding arrow keys:

  • UP arrow: go straight
  • DOWN arrow: reverse the car
  • LEFT arrow: go left
  • RIGHT arrow: go right

Note that the main entity needs to be continuously controlled to maintain a steady speed. Every time you stop, your taxi will also stop.

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