Off Road Auto Trial

Off Road Auto Trial

Off Road Auto Trial is a difficult off-road racing-themed online game that is available to everyone. In a dull 3D racing environment, the game's objective is to explore three distinct biomes. To pick your perfect course, you may purchase off-road vehicles and select the climate. Have you prepared? Join Off-Road Auto Trial now to take advantage of the thrilling experiences available to everyone.

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  • Beautiful, vibrant visuals were used.
  • Unlocked and improved vehicles are available.
  • Three different terrain types.
  • Accessible on mobile devices.


To play, press "W, A, S, D" or the arrow keys. Start by choosing a vehicle within your price range and purchasing it. Choose one and begin the first level. Three stars are concealed on the track in each level; you must discover them all without falling off the platform. When approaching obstacles, move quickly and climb on them to gather all the trinkets. Good fortune!

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