Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2 is a really appealing online game for everyone with a football theme. In this follow-up to the famous football penalty shootout game, there are more tournaments and a better way to compete. Participants choose one of 360 teams from 12 competitions like the World Cup, Euro Cup, England, Germany, Spain, etc. There are two phases to the Cup competition: the group stage and the knockout stage. You must finish first or second in your group to advance to the knockout round. In readiness? To not miss the thrilling moments, join Penalty Shooters 2 immediately!


  • Dazzling 3D graphics.
  • Twelve distinct league choices.
  • 32 teams per league.
  • Controlled easily.

How to play

Players participate in the challenge by using the mouse or their hands to aim when they shoot or to choose where their goalie will dive while they are defending. Don't pass up the chances in the round!

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