Pinball World Cup

Pinball World Cup

During the World Cup season, Pinball World Cup is a really appealing online game with a football theme. To win each level in the pinball paddle game, players needed to score 10 goals. To unlock further levels, strive to hold onto your ball. Why are you holding out? Don't miss out on great prospects by joining the Pinball World Cup right now!


  • Responsive gameplay that works on all devices
  • Colorful Samba football theme and lively music.
  • More than 20 difficult stages with many enemies

How to play

Players take part in the challenge by using the mouse to move around and complete the paddling task. Keep track of your soccer ball. Over 20 difficult levels are loaded with adversaries. Soccer and football aficionados will like this game. Let's exhaust ourselves playing Pinball World Cup throughout the World Cup season!

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