Plane Racing Madness

Plane Racing Madness

Everyone may play the online game "Plane Racing Madness," which has a realistic 3D gaming concept. In order to fulfill the task on the game screen, you must fly your jet. The major game modes are three: Why are you holding out? Don't miss out on the amazing prospects by joining Plane Racing Madness right now!


  • 3D graphics with realism.
  • Airplane features that can be altered.
  • Various camera angles.
  • There are many catchy songs with beautiful scenery.
  • Time trial, arcade, and championship modes.


The arrow keys may be used to fly the aircraft. SPACEBAR may be used to boost. To switch the camera perspective, use the N key. X will activate a booster. The C key may be used to activate the breaks. You have the option of playing alone or against a buddy using the same computer. Get settled in now and take in the sky!

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