Run 3

Run 3

Endless Run 3 is the latest game in the series of games called "Endless Runner." You can get it for free on the Internet. In this game, you can guide little aliens through space. This is the third game in the popular "endless runner" series by Joseph Cloutier. It has been very popular with young people in recent years. Run 3 can be played in HTML5, so you can play it even if your browser doesn't support Flash. This version of Run 3 will take place in different places, but the goal will still be to run as far as possible without dying. I don't know why you are taking your time. Sign up for Run 3 right away!


  • Images made in 3D are digitally rendered and have many colors.
  • You can get to so many different levels.
  • Playing is fun and hard to stop doing.
  • Simple controls.

How to play

The challenge is interactive. Players move the mouse to choose how they want to play, then follow the on-screen instructions. There are two ways to play Run 3. Use the left or right arrow keys to move the globe in the opposite direction of the clock. Use up or down to jump. Press and hold the R button to go back, and press and hold the P button to go forward. I hope the best for you.

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