Santa Parkour

Santa Parkour

The online game Santa Parkour is a fun and unique take on the Christmas spirit that everybody may enjoy. In this thrilling new parkour game, you and Santa must leap from snowy rooftop to rooftop, dodging dangers along the way. Immediately after landing after a run, do sick rolls. You can gain access to new types by collecting a deck of cards representing various movements. Do a variety of flips, just like Santa Claus. It's interesting, huh? Get on board with Santa Parkour right away to ensure that you take advantage of all the cool stuff that's going on.


  • A vibrant 2D art style.
  • Play some humorous Christmas music.
  • What has to be accomplished.
  • You may get new skins and collectible skill cards.
  • Reward containers that may be accessed at random intervals.
  • Unlocking new moves as you go through the game.

How to play

Participants take part in the challenge by left-clicking to leap and holding longer to jump higher. Participate with your pals in a thrilling parkour adventure starring Santa this holiday season.

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