It's great to have you here in Skydom. An online puzzle game with a lot of interesting twists on the genre. Have you played through every level in Match 3 and are ready for a change? Check it out—you won't find any other place outside Skydom where you may compete with other humans in a match-3 tournament. Live action match three games provide hundreds of levels with different settings, breathtaking visuals, and surprising twists, where players can show off their talents against real opponents or connect with friends. A question: are you prepared? You should definitely sign up for Skydom right now so you don't miss out on any of the cool stuff that's going on.


  • The 2DS is animated, colorful, and, well, 2DS. Several levels of complexity 
  • Multiple Objectives to Achieve an Intuitive Interface
  • Fun and soothing gameplay

How to play

Players take part by exchanging neighboring pieces in an effort to create sets of three of the same color. You may move around and try to beat the clock by using the mouse. Best of luck!

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