Solitaire Classic 2

Solitaire Classic 2

An online version of the classic card game, Solitaire Classic 2, features a sleek and sophisticated take on the familiar Windows Solitaire aesthetic. The goal of the game in this revised version is to place all 52 cards face up on four foundation piles in suit and in ascending order from ace to king. Cards may only be placed on the field in a certain pattern, which requires them to be laid out in descending order with colors alternating. Is there a maximum score that can be reached? The challenge of Solitaire Classic 2 awaits you, so sign up right now to see whether you have what it takes to win.


  • Old-fashioned card games.
  • Even Solo, it's fun, challenging, and playable.

How to play

To win, you must place all of the cards from your hand into four foundation piles, face up, in suit and ace to king order. The cards may only be placed on the field in alternating colors and in a decreasing sequence. Have fun!

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