Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914

Welcome to Supremacy 1914! Everyone will find this World War I-themed online game to be quite beautiful. Using the limited resources your land produces, the game's objective is to control the creation of supplies, soldiers, and weaponry. Take on the challenge of a World War I scenario and forge alliances with your adversaries, complete significant trade agreements, or protect yourself. Why are you holding out? Join Supremacy 1914 now to take advantage of these exciting possibilities!


  • Synchronous multiplayer.
  • 500 real opponents maximum per map.
  • Real units for distance and motion.
  • Several maps and situations were used to investigate historical military vehicles.
  • Classical weapons and units are in development.
  • Updates often and fresh content Form coalitions with other players.


By creating an account, playing the game, and moving about with the mouse, participants take part in the challenge. Make sure your troops survive by preparing them to fight beside you on the battlefield, whether in the cavalry or inside the first tanks!

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