The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz

Everyone may play the online mini-quiz game "The Impossible Quiz," which has really challenging questions. The object of the game is to respond to questions with several interpretations, gimmicks, and puns that force you to use your imagination. You only have three lives, and each mistake costs you one of them. Have you prepared? To ensure that you don't miss out on any interesting possibilities, join The Impossible Quiz now!


  • Lovely dragon companions.
  • Excellent, vibrant graphics.
  • Unlocked stuff in the game shop.
  • Internet match.
  • Local and international scoreboard.

How to play

By selecting the best response from a list of four possibilities, contestants participate in the challenge. A game-specific question may be skipped with Skip. To answer the question before the time runs out or the game is over, be on the lookout for the timed bomb.

On every device, this original game runs without Flash. You simply need to respond to all 110 of the questions. Play The Impossible Quiz 2 now by signing up!

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