Tomb Runner

Tomb Runner

Please enjoy your stay at Tomb Runner! Just how far does Tomb Runner's Professor Jones run? Jump and slide your way through the temples, dodging the many obstacles you'll encounter. Scary environments await you on bridges and subways as you search for treasure and power ups. Activate cool people like Lara Bones, the Mummy Agent, the Disco Disco Dancer, and more. Then, there's the never-ending joy of jogging. Will you fight? Don't wait any longer to become a part of Tomb Runner and seize the many chances that await you!


  • Purchase options for a wide range of characters.
  • Easy-to-use dials and buttons.
  • Wow, those are some sweet visuals.

How to play

Players take part in the challenge by clicking and holding the mouse button, which they then employ in conjunction with the up arrow (=Jump). Glide = Down Arrow. If you use the left arrow key, you'll go left, and the right arrow key will take you right. Best of luck!

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