Towers: Card Battle

Towers: Card Battle

Towers: Card Battles is an online combat game that anyone can play. Every player will get a deck with fighters on it. Then, it will be up to them to put the warriors on each level of the tower. Every choice you make will increase your chances of winning. You can make your troops stronger by using your bonuses and stockpiles. Are you ready to go as far as you can? Get started right away with Towers: Cards Battles so you don't miss any of the fun challenges.


  • Riddles are interesting.
  • Amazing 3D visuals.
  • With your smarts, you'll be able to keep the queen safe.
  • Playing is completely free.
  • Enjoy a game that's both fun and hard to stop playing.
  • It's easy to understand and use.
  • These are meant for both kids and grown-ups.
  • Games that both men and women can play.

How to play

You have to climb all the towers, save the princesses, and make the strongest deck. Use the mouse to slide around the towers. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the unit cards to the right spot. When you combine two units, you get a mega-unit. After putting your unit on the table, you can choose "battle." Have a good time!

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