Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

An online game for the whole family, Tunnel Rush has a unique and engaging premise. This is a really lighthearted take on the classic tunnel-running genre. The objective is to escape arrest by running as fast as possible through a lengthy and perilous tunnel. You'll need to watch out for traps, flames, and even opponents that seem like ordinary boxes. The longest tunnel is the route chosen for the players to run. How prepared do you feel? Come play Tunnel Rush with us!


  • Action-packed competition.
  • A myriad of challenges.
  • A lively vibrant 3D environment.
  • User-friendly interface.

How to play

For movement, players make use of the left and right arrow keys. The left and right arrow keys will take you left and right; A and D will move you left and right; and the space bar will pause the game and bring it back up.

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