Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors

The online game Vampire Survivors has a really alluring battle premise. Fighting against enormous creatures is the game's objective. Independent developer Poncle created and released this roguelike action game. Why are you holding out? Sign up for Vampire Survivors now!


  • Different tools to employ.
  • Having fun, nice 2D graphics.
  • Logical controls.

How to play

Players take part in the challenge by moving with the mouse and finishing it as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you may load coins by pressing [Space-Bar] after the intro and loading screens, then [ENTER] to choose the player mode:

  • Player 1: Insert coins (Space Bar), PLAY (Enter), Arrow (WASD), Buttons J, K, and L, Buttons I, O and U.
  • Player 2: Insert Coins equals [8 Numpad]; Play equals [ Numeric Keypad]; Move equals [Arrow].
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