XMAS Wheelie

XMAS Wheelie

Xmas Wheelie is a joyful racing game that the entire family will enjoy. The goal of this game is to roll as far and as rapidly as you can. Help Santa on this perilous and difficult voyage. Being careless might spell tragedy since losing your balance is dangerous. Don't worry if you are still waiting! You should start participating in the Christmas Wheelie right now.


  • 2D animated movies with loads of color.
  • Stage design is really challenging.
  • Interactive enjoyment.
  • Pleasant user interface.

How to play

The game may be played with a mouse. Hold down the left mouse button to do a wheelie. You get experience points as you advance. In the top right corner, you can see your score.

You may play a variety of educational and fun Christmas games with us. I wish you a happy Christmas season!

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