Baldi's Basics

Baldi's Basics

The free online game Baldi's Basics features a horror theme. Fighting or running from terrifying monsters is a challenge that players must complete. To counter that, true visionaries need to be unconventional and generate fresh ideas. Finding the seven notebooks that are scattered around the classroom is just the first step in the mission to collect them. Many mathematical issues are raised by each. Check your answers to make sure they are correct before attempting to solve them. Are you ready? To avoid missing out on fun challenges, join Baldi's Basics today!


  • A wholesomely entertaining exterior conceals strange and unsettling gameplay.
  • Impressive presentation style and exotic 3D graphics.
  • Awkward animations that are purposefully stale and stuffy in level design.
  • Voice acting that is entertaining.

How to play

In this challenge, the WASD keys are used to attack while the mouse is used to move. Press shift to run for a short while while keeping an eye out and taking a look around. To interact with your surroundings, hold down the mouse button while left-clicking. All the best!

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