Bike Racing 3

Bike Racing 3

An online game called Bike Racing 3 has a very appealing obstacle course racing premise. The objective of the game is to start off on your motorcycle and go off onto the savanna's roadways. With fresh, updated objectives, go as far as you can. What are you waiting for? Sign up for Bike Racing 3 right now to avoid missing out on the thrilling prospects!

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  • Vivid 2D visuals.
  • Vehicle characteristics that may be altered.
  • There are lots of different roads to open.
  • Drive-through path that is addictive.

How to play

Pressing the on-screen pedals is possible with the mouse on your computer. To go forward and backward, respectively, you should press the right and left gas pedals. By pressing these pedals only when necessary, try to maintain a balance between your speed and fuel consumption. Good fortune!

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