Drive Classic

Drive Classic

The third entry in the Drive Mad series, a timeless racing game for all ages, is called Drive Classic. This aims to bring together a large international field of competitors to compete on the classic track. I think it's wonderful. So that you won't miss out on any great prospects, join Drive Classic right now!


  • Excellent 3D graphics.
  • There are two distinct game types and seven different vehicle options. 
  • There are also 20 different stages.

How to play

In order to complete several tasks, players utilize the mouse. The game is controlled by W, A, S, and D, the mouse, the arrow keys, or Z and X. New level and try again in space. Each level's track characteristics might be different. Thoughts concerning them are unwarranted. since you'll face far more serious issues afterwards!

Learn about further thrilling Jeep: Mad Driving rounds, such as Drive Winter, by joining Drive Classic. All the best!

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