Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing is an exciting online racing game that anyone can enjoy. These cars go like lightning, and their drivers don't flinch. It's about time you got into your fast car and joined the Grand Extreme Racing racers. This racing game has everything you need, from a short practice session to a long championship adventure where you must win the global champion trophy. These benefits make it easy to move up to a newer vehicle. You're now ready for the challenge!


  • Images in 3D that are vivid.
  • Unlock unlockable skins and trainable skills to
  • One can drive with a joystick.
  • It's almost like having 10 different road maps.
  • Support for two-player games

How to play

This game has two game modes:

  • In 1P mode, the player must move by saying "W, A, S, D" or "NOW KEY." NOT NEEDED. To turn the car on again, press the "R" button. In retrospect, it's a "T." Press "C" to turn the switch to the cameras.
  • In 2P mode, "Arrow Keys" control Player 1's movement. Not: The "M" vehicle starts in the "O" position. Going backwards is "P." Game 2: Click on "W, A, S, D" to do things. TLA: "LSHIFT," and to turn the car off, press the "R." Don't you remember the letter T? The letter "C" will change the camera's view.
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