Hyper Car

Hyper Car

Hyper Car is an internet game with a racing theme based on the Fancade Series. You must finish the challenging race in the fastest time possible. Fluidly synchronize your steering wheel, accelerator, and calmness to get as close as possible to the finish line. Are you ready? Hyper Car registration now!


  • Eight distinct levels.
  • Beautiful images.
  • It is difficult to play.
  • Simple controls.


Players can take part in this challenge by moving their mouse and completing it in the fastest time. You can also employ:

  • Press W, D, X, or Up/Right and click to proceed.
  • To go back, press S-A, Z, or the Down and Left Arrows.

If you like the Drive Fun game and are looking for other thrilling games, we recommend checking out our Fancade selection. You are very fortunate!

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