Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout is an online game with a very interesting storyline that makes people want to play it. This game is a new take on an old Atari game. The classic Atari game of Breakout was a great match. But this modern version of the genre takes it to a whole new level. To earn money in the game, you have to click on colored blocks. When you click on a block, you get a certain fee, which can be changed. Then, you can use the money to buy breakout balls and upgrades that will help you break through blocks faster. Are you all set? Sign up for Idle Breakout now!


  • A boring version of the popular Atari game Breakout.
  • More than one ball with only one parameter. 
  • The numbers on the bricks show how many hits it takes to break them. 
  • Irresistible games.

How to play

To take part in the challenge, players move with the mouse and press LMB to break a brick. Don't be fooled by the things and obstacles around you!

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