Monster Truck Racing

Monster Truck Racing

A fun racing-themed online skill game is called Monster Tracks. The goal of the game is to use aerial movements to take on the challenge of racing over hazardous roadways. When pushing down on the pedals, exercise caution since any misuse of the force might cause the truck to bend backwards, sending you tumbling. Why are you holding out? Join Monster Tracks now to explore our Jeep: Mad Driving assortment of exciting games!


  • 20 stages of 2D graphics to finish.
  • Playing that game is both challenging and interesting.
  • Simple controls.


The task involves moving the automobile to the finish line with the mouse. Players may also carry out the following actions:

  • Forward steering: W, D, X, Arrows up, right, and click
  • Reverse direction: S, A, Z, Left and Down Arrows

You will have the chance to utilize the shop and improve the vehicle's weight, traction, and power so that you can easily go over the forthcoming tasks. Don't forget to compare your top scores and share Monster Truck Racing with your friends!

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