Skyline R34 Drift 3D

Skyline R34 Drift 3D

Skyline R34 Drift 3D is an enticingly difficult online 3D racing game with a focus on hill racing. The goal is to complete the Drift 3D series as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for any and all challenges that may pop up throughout the round. So, why are you stalling? Don't put off joining Skyline R34 Drift 3D until you've missed out on all the fun!

Drift Car Extreme Simulator and other similarly engaging games may be found in the racing game library alongside Skyline R34 Drift 3D. Happy!


  • True 3D visuals and audio realism.
  • Many new and improved options.
  • There are several places where you can have upgrades done.


To take part in the challenge, players must use the mouse to navigate and act in accordance with the rules. This definitive 3D drift game now has a brand-new Drift Challenge mode. Join today for your chance to win. Have fun!