Temple of Boom

Temple of Boom

Everyone may enjoy the engaging battling theme of the online game Temple of Boom. To avoid deadly assaults, players engage in monster killing. You will encounter evil monsters in three temples in the campaign mode. In the endless mode, your goal is to eliminate everything while surviving. In readiness? Don't miss out on intriguing prospects by joining Temple of Boom right now!


  • 2D graphics with vibrant colors.
  • Various symbols and pictures to finish.
  • winning medals.
  • Fun and interesting gameplay.

How to play

Players take part in the challenge by moving about with the mouse, choosing a game option, and finishing it in the shortest amount of time. For player 1, use the up arrow to leap, the left and right arrows to move sideways, the down arrow to pick up a weapon, the Z key to fire, and the X key to switch weapons. For player 2, the controls are as follows: leap or double jump (up arrow), side-to-side movement (left/right arrow), pick up a weapon (down arrow), fire (k), and switch weapons (l). Lucky you!

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