Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour is a racing game where you have to use lanes and roads to beat the traffic. You can improve your score by cutting between lanes. Take part in the action and move through a series of vehicles that are all different sizes. This game is for people who like to race in traffic, and it has a realistic driving simulator to make the experience feel more real. Look now for the best free racing games. How well are you ready? If you want the best, don't wait to join the Traffic Tour.


  • All the details and action of a real race.
  • You can pick your favorite car and race against other online players in real time.
  • One hundred online quests to win prizes, play with other players, and more.
  • In a 1-on-1 racing game, you might have a lot of fun competing against your friends.
  • High-quality CRS (racing system).
  • A free racing game that doesn't cost anything.

How to play

You can take part in this challenge by using the mouse and these key combinations: "W" = in front DCM is right To turn left, press the brake button and hit the nitrous switch. To sum up, "Back" means "Escape." Unlock additional automobile blueprints in endless modes. You can get more money and points if you drive faster than 100 km/h and pass other cars. Turn around and go the other way. When you play in two dimensions, you can get more money and points. Best wishes!

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