Vex 3

Vex 3

Welcome to Vex 3! This Vex round keeps the danger at bay with action gameplay and a number of levels chock-full of nefarious traps. Since you'll be running, jumping, climbing, swimming, and rolling throughout this game, players should warm up their muscles. Use the spikes, lasers, and other lethal obstacles that are there to stop you! Could you avoid them all? Get ready and sign up for Vex 3 right now!


  • Platform adventure with difficulty.
  • Everyone can use intuitive controls.
  • Nine of the 10 standard stages are difficult.

How to play

To move the character in the challenge, participants use a keyboard and mouse. Get ready for battles and challenging experiences!


How many parts does Vex consist of?

Many players enjoy the online game Vex because of its variety and player interactions. At the moment, Vex is approaching Section 7, which includes the following parts: Vex 4, Vex 5, Vex 6, Vex 7. You can also challenge yourself with different parts in our Vex collection.

Is it possible to play Vex 3 on a phone?

It goes without saying that you can play Vex 3 and other games from the Vex series on any of your mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

Does playing Vex 3 require downloading any files?

In order to play Vex 3 and other parts of Vex, you do not need to download any files to your computer. A live internet connection is all that is required.

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